October 27 – a Rosy by any other name

95/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Yes, elementary school and high school were tough times for me but I never played the victim. The bullying was constant and the beatings were sporadic but I just kept on keeping on. Were there good times? I remember a few. Did I enjoy my subjects? Most definitely as I love learning. Did I have friends? I often wonder about this question. I don’t think I allowed people to get close to me as I was very wary about people and their intentions – since being made fun of was what I was accustomed to. However, I do remember Rosy. When my family moved to north Richmond and I entered in the middle of grade 3, I met Rosy. Rosy and her brother and my sister and I would sometimes meet up on the trek to school and walk the rest of the way. Rosy was in the same grade 3 class as me and we were in some of the same elementary grades for the remainder of elementary school. As I look back on it, we were a bit competitive trying to outdo each other in projects and assignments but I don’t recall any negativity from Rosy towards me. Upon entering junior high school, we kept up our walks to school and were in some of the same classes. Rosy was always a constant in the chaotic world of school and it was nice to have a routine (the walks to and from school) and a friend to take my mind away from what I was experiencing at school. We ended up at the same senior high school but with different schedules, we would occasionally meet up on the bus or a car ride to school. I can’t say that we were close friends as I kept my distance from people but I can say that Rosy was the only person approaching my definition of a friend in my school years. Thank you Rosy for making an effort to befriend me, making me laugh in tough times and giving me sanity during those stormy years. I continue a walk in your honour!


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