October 26 – the aunty-thesis

94/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I was much closer to my uncles and aunts when I was younger. I am envious of adults that still maintain those ties with their extended families. In my case, as I have aged, unfortunately those ties that bound have unravelled and seem to have frayed. In the last year, I have also consciously distanced myself from my extended and marital families because of my marital separation – I didn’t want to have to explain anything to anyone so it was just easier to avoid all contact.   I know that perhaps that wasn’t the best thing to do but it was my coping mechanism. Add to the fact that I am that proverbial black sheep of the family – maybe not in the stereotypical negative way moreso the weird, out there, non-conservative, non Indo-Canadian way – and one might understand my disinclination towards family get-togethers. Once again, easier to avoid judgment if you avoid contact. However, the one aunt that always appreciated my eccentricities no matter how strange is my Musee Sato (mom’s older sister) . Consistently proud of me and always giving me a hug, she takes pride in me as if I was her own son. She also has that same affinity towards my kids and their accomplishments.  She also is a calm, sane force in our family – my mom and her other siblings have consistently not gotten along but Musee Sato and my mom have never, ever had a disagreement and I credit my Musee Sato’s calm demeanour and wisdom for this. To you Musee Sato, I raise a cup of chai and thank you for being that solid foundation in a sometimes crazy family 🙂


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