October 25 – here’s to Hollywood!

93/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Okay, I’ma go there. I’m a silver fox. I think that’s what a man of a certain age with grey hair is called, right? Not sure if that man has to be handsome as well to be categorized that way but hey, I’m still going to go there  Seriously though, I had a hard time accepting this getting older thing. I am lucky that at my age I have hair so it could go silver but even letting that happen took a long time to accept as all I ever did was colour it as I have felt that my appearance is what people judge me on. I know deep down that that is not true but consciously and subconsciously, my focus tends to be on my outward representation. I am very happy to see men like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, John Stamos and David Duchovny enter their 50s. We are a celebrity obsessed and starved culture as a whole – I notice this with most of the students I teach. Thus, I am glad that these male celebrities – ones the same age as me, ones I grew up with watching their movies and shows – are in their 50s as it makes it that much more acceptable to age. Yes, I know that that may come off as shallow and yes, I know that women entering their 50s have it way harder as society’s acceptance level may not be the same as it is for a male, but I am not talking on a global scale, I am talking one person’s experience – mine. So having these celebrities pave the way for me – yes, talking about my mind set – makes it that much easier for me to accept age and redefine it. To you 50 something Hollywood guys, I tune to TMZ in your honour. Thanks for making me way more comfortable as I age.


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