October 23 – alert(‘Thanks Chris!’) – I know programming!

91/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I am pretty technically literate. Yes, I was a techno-phobe at the beginning but given my subject area (Business and computers), I had to learn fast and not be afraid of technology. Being a visual learner, I need to see how things are done and then I can easily pick them up. However, I am in awe of people who just easily grasp the nuances of a computer program or piece of software and just run with it. One of those people is a former co-worker and current friend, Chris. He has helped me countless times in using technology to my advantage – inside and outside the classroom. Anytime I need to know how to do something, I first Google and if that doesn’t help, then I Chris it J We met in the 00s at Burnett. He was hired to be the Computer (IT) teacher with some Business courses. He fit right in to the mix of the school and we got to know each other over the occasional beers on a Friday night or hanging with a few buddies on the weekend. Upon my hiring by UBC, Chris ended up taking over the Marketing program and not only did it thrive but it flourished! Yes, usually there is a little bit of jealousy in regards to enrolment increases once a person leaves but I was thrilled that Chris put his own spin on it and basically took it to the next level and in fact, I have turned to him for advice on a couple of occasions in regards to student run school stores. Thanks Chris for being a great help to me whenever I need your expertise – which is often 😉 I program a code – okay, I don’t, I Google search in your honour!


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