October 21 – once upon a time, there were three little teachers

89/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. So was I the Jill to their Sabrina and Kelly? Or was I more the Bosley? Oh, yes, I am dating myself with that reference – we aren’t talking about the Drew Barrymore version of Charlie’s Angels, no, way more old school to the Farrah Fawcett version. Teaching at Burnett, I worked closely with many different teachers in the Business department over the years. The department started off small (only 2 teachers) and then got to a decent size – at one point, 5 teachers in our hey-day. As I look back, I was the constant –maybe I am the Kelly. In the beginning perhaps it was Starsky and Hutch (yes, I’m even older than you thought) with two male teachers and then the new crew of ladies came to join the department with some staying on, some leaving and others replacing them and then a few new male department members joined in the latter years. Yes, the department of Business Ed/IT was truly a revolving door not unlike the tv series Charlie’s Angels of the mid 70s. The big-time era of Burnett’s Angels though was the trio of myself, another teacher and Sharon. The two of them joined the department around the same time and I met them both during that first summer not knowing who they were but Sharon and I became instant friends. Our rooms were across the hall from each other – she could hear my loud teaching voice and I could hear her infectious laugh. We would go into each other’s classes and just interrupt and crack jokes – the students enjoying the moment as well. We did a hilarious impression of the B52s one year. We sat on Santa’s lap and performed in the Breakfast with Santa every year. We had an awkward moment during a post-secondary presentation that we still laugh about to this day. We also shared our personal triumphs and despairs with each other. I cannot recall a single incident where Sharon and I have ever had any negativity with each other – our chemistry just flows. Sharon has also taught my daughter who very much enjoyed her class and she may very well end up teaching my son and he would be very lucky. Whenever we get together, we easily pick up from where we left off as if no time had ever passed – although we look amazing for all the time that has passed 😉 I am very glad that I had such a great co-worker and such awesome memories with her. Thank you Sharon for making my JNB years so very rewarding. I think I am the Jill to your Kelly as we are definitely not Sabrina and thus I do a 70s roller dance in your honour!


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