October 20 – our new PM, JT!!

88/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Well, it’s the day after the election. We’ve got a brand new Prime Minister – son of a former Prime Minister. A media savvy Prime Minister. A forward thinking and dare I say cooler and photogenic Prime Minister – hey, his initials are JT!! Not necessarily my first choice in a Prime Minister but much better than what we as Canadians have had for the last decade. Yes, it’s true what they say that the right wing and the left wing is from the same bird but here’s hoping that this is the stronger more dominant wing guiding the bird in a better direction. I can’t say JT has had an impact on me yet as that is to be seen but this gratitude post is to thank him and the Liberals for bringing together a Canada united in changing the political landscape but more importantly getting the younger generation out there to vote and have their voice heard (my daughter being one of those people). I raise my pencil and tick an X in your honour JT. Here’s hoping you do us proud!


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