October 19 – through the storm

87/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. You meet people through other people but usually you don’t end up befriending them – especially the older one gets, the rarer it is but I guess I haven’t really stuck to the norm for most of my life so making friends in the traditional way just wouldn’t be me 🙂 I find it pretty easy to connect to people and if given a few opportunities, I almost always end up becoming friends – or they just give in as resistance is futile 😉 Seriously though, I enjoy the company of people who are good to me and who are good for me. Last year, I met Elisse through others. I didn’t really let myself get to know her as I thought she would just be a friend of a friend and we probably wouldn’t hang out much but that was not the case. Over the course of the last year, we started becoming good friends and hanging out with a group of friends. However, issues arose within the core group of friends causing dissention and eventually a dissolution of the group itself. This tested the friendship between Elisse and myself but I realized where true friendship lay and three of the six of us continue to remain friends including myself and Elisse. Yes, it was a tough summer but I’m very glad that our friendship survived it. I look back at some of the good times – winning big at the casino (yes $13), getting stuck on a rock while the tide came in, missing skytrains, buses and taxis only to end up walking kilometres and I laugh. I look forward to more adventures to come and becoming a better friend to someone who has stuck by me during the crazy, rollercoaster of a year that I had. Thank you for being an awesome sidekick Elisse and teaching me what true friendship really is and I appreciate that. I raise my vodka infused with zero calorie fruit flavoured carbonated water in your honour!!


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