October 18 – have you found a man?

86/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Opposites attract? Maybe you were onto something Paula Abdul, just maybe! In the past year, I have revisited the Myers Briggs personality inventory and no matter how many different versions I try, I am always an Extrovert which is of no surprise. I vary on the other dimensions depending upon how I view the question but yes, the Extrovert part is hardwired into me. What surprises me the most though is that many of my friends are Introverts. I would not have predicted this but the more I consider it, the more it makes sense – the yin to my yang I suppose. One of those people is my good friend Maureen. I still chuckle when I think about how we first met. I crashed her coffee with another friend of mine and just took over. Got to know her and then ran into her in a grocery store a few days later and I accost her and ask her if she’s met a man yet? Surprise, surprise – it’s not her but just some stranger who looks at me and quickly walks away. LOL. I relayed this story to Maureen and well, that’s the (humour) brick that started the foundation of our friendship. She is an incredible person who has always had my back, given me solid advice, makes me laugh, and takes me to do outdoorsy stuff – okay, I could maybe do without the latter but hey, yin-yang right? Maureen supported me last year during my transition period from home-life to on my own life – just getting me out and doing things and checking in on me. I am very glad that I crashed that coffee way back when as I can’t imagine not having you as one of my friends. I lace up a hiking boot in your honour – thanks for being there for me Maureen!


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