October 17 – thanks for the inspiration

85/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. One of the best things that came from my time teaching adults at UBC are the friendships that resulted with both my colleagues and the adult learners I was working with. I was very impressed with many of the student teachers and felt fortunate to learn from them – in fact, I felt my 3 years there was the greatest Professional Development I participated in in all of my years of teaching. Layla is one of these awesome people I had the privilege to work with. She was very organized, focused and hardworking but also very kind and respectful and was the social organizer for the co-hort – many qualities that I, too, share with Layla. Although I did not get to work with Layla during her practicum, I did teach her in her methodologies classes and some of the other required courses and just from that small window, I had the opportunity to see what kind of teacher she would blossom into. Layla was one of only a few student teachers who immediately secured a job after the program which came as no surprise to me. I also awarded Layla the top Business Ed student based on her coursework. Of course, Layla also has a love for wine which isn’t the reason she received the award 😉 I must also mention Layla’s partner Michael because if not for Layla, I would not have friended Michael and come across his month of gratitude posts which inspired my year of gratitude posts so I must thank the both of them for this journey that I have embarked on. Here’s to you Layla and Michael – I raise a glass of wine, an acting script and a lesson plan in your honour.

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