October 16 – a friend indeed

84/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Last year was a difficult and challenging year for me in my personal life. I liken it to a boxing ring. With great pain comes even greater understanding. I realized who, from friends to family, wasn’t there for me (not even in the audience) but more importantly, who was there for me hydrating me with their pep talks. As I do in most situations, I got back up seconds before I was down for the count and was and am currently ready for the next few rounds life throws me. Lawrence was one of those guys in my corner. I didn’t really know him that well as he was a friend of a friend and we would meet up occasionally when a few buddies would go out. Last year, being on my own, Lawrence really came through. He got me over that initial hump by calling me out for dim-sum (something that I had never experienced), hitting up movies, grabbing a coffee or going for a walk and yes, shopping although surprisingly – especially for me – I would watch him purchase rather than doing the buying myself. The other cool thing is our friendship did not involve beers, wine or martinis as Lawrence doesn’t drink anymore. I appreciate you being there for me over the past year Lawrence and I am glad I got to know you a lot more over that time period. I lace up a high end loafer, throw on a jacket and rock some cool glasses to you!


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