October 12 – thanks to my great grandparents for my present day life

80/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to honour my great grandfather and great grandmother. I was very fortunate in that I remember and grew up with both of my mother’s grandparents. I have a vivid image of granny wearing her long dresses and her hair pulled back in a tight bun and great grand-dad in his lanky grandeur sporting a turban and beard giving me change to go get treats from the corner grocery store. This was in the early 70s. My great grandfather immigrated to Canada in 1906 and after marriage and half a dozen kids would become one of the pioneering Indo-Canadian families of Vancouver. I don’t know too much of the history of my maternal family and their early lives as all I recall is being raised in my early years in their East Vancouver home with many of my mom’s aunts, uncles and cousins. I was the youngest male child and remember my great grandfather openly taking pride in me – I guess it was the time back then and no one complained. I vaguely remember of their passing in the mid 70s but my own personal memories and the stories I was told about them have made an indelible impression on me. I am very thankful that I enjoy the rights and privileges of being born Canadian and being a citizen of a wonderful country. If not for my great grandfather taking that trek at 25 from his native home of India, I would not be sitting here writing this gratitude post in his and granny’s honour. I continue to honour your legacy by living my own life with pride, respect, humility and gratitude. Thank you both!


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