October 10 – my other brothers and sisters: my cousins.

78/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t been that close to many of my relatives – especially in the last few years. It’s sad that as we age, issues arise and family dynamics cause rifts in relationships that we were oblivious to as youngsters. Sides get taken and things are misconstrued causing that rift to become more like a giant fissure. Throw in the fact that everyone has their own adult relationships and lives with children now and it’s no wonder that there is even more distance. As I write these gratitude posts (especially during this Thanksgiving weekend), I am also reflecting on my familial relationships. I look fondly back to growing up with my cousins – especially the Dosanjh’s and Sangha’s. We were all born in Canada and I was the oldest. Although I wasn’t the closest to the youngest ones due to the mere fact of age differences – me in high school, most of them in elementary, we still all had fun together playing dress up, making up skits, having sleepovers, sharing celebrations and dinners. My cousins have grown up to become cool people doing their own things but as I have mentioned, we haven’t really been in touch unless you count the occasional text or Facebook message. However, I do want to thank my cousins for the good times growing up when there were so many bad times – having them around made a lot of difference for me. I hope we can put our differences aside (actually more like family differences that had nothing to do with us) and start to renew our relationships. Thank you each and every one of you as you have had an effect on me and are an important part of creating who I am. I raise a glass of chai – okay, who am I kidding, a big glass of wine in your honour! 🙂


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