October 9 – oh how you influenced my kids!

77/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I can accept that I have had an influence on many of my students. In the same respect, there have been teachers that have had major influences on my own children and I want to thank one that stands out in my mind. Although this in an indirect gratitude post – this teacher inspired and instilled in my both my children a love of learning and belief in their abilities – I am affected by her because of who my children have grown into. Rosario was both Ethan and Natasha’s preschool teacher for ages 3 and 4 before they entered Kindergarten (yes, even though my kids are 7 years apart in age, they both were very fortunate to experience the love and dedication of Rosario). My kids went to Brighouse preschool and loved “working” with Rosario. She was kind, supportive, caring but also demanding in a respectful way when she had to be. She taught my kids values and morals in addition to literacy, dexterity, camaraderie and numeracy and they both loved going to preschool. Not to diminish the impact of the other teachers there, but both of them glowed when the conversation at home was about preschool and in their respective years, it always was “Rosario this, Rosario that”. I am very glad that we put our kids into preschool but I’m much more thankful that they experienced the kindness and love of an amazing teacher. Both of them went back in their adolescent years to visit Rosario at the preschool and yes, she was in awe and they both reverted back to those young preschoolers in her presence. It was an amazing moment to witness the influence Rosario still had on my children. Thank you Rosario for being such a positive role model for my children. I build a block tower in your honour!


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