October 8 – the birth of a child

76/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I have all sorts of people around me who have either recently had or will be having babies and it is getting me to think back to the birth of my own children. My two kids were born 22 and 15 ½ years ago. Times were totally different then. 3D ultrasounds – no. Elaborate birth announcements – no. Photoshoots – no. Designer baby shops – no. Hmmm, maybe not so bad after all 😉 I clearly remember the anticipation of the birth of my child. We were told to have her at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver as the care would be so much better than a municipal hospital but knowing nothing about anything around the birth of a child, both my wife and I decided that it would be easier to just have her in our hometown of Richmond. I mean, we really didn’t know much about birth – to induce labour, we decided to ride on a very bumpy, unmaintained road over and over late into the night. To our surprise – and probably a total coincidence – my wife went into labour the next morning and we ended up at Richmond General. The nurse we were assigned who was older became like a mother to both of us. We had no clue what was to take place – I mean birthing classes only prepare you for so much – the real thing was way beyond. This nurse was there with us the entire time from the onset of dilation to the actual birth, cord cutting and then testing of my daughter. She calmed not only my wife but also me and well, if you know me, just imagine me in a delivery room!! This nurse was a godsend! I cannot imagine that incredibly amazing yet incredibly scary experience without her guidance. She literally and figuratively supported my wife. The labour was so incredibly fast that my daughter swallowed meconium on her way and they had to put her in an incubator to dry her lungs. I was lost. I had no clue what was going on. The doctor, who had no bedside manner, told me that if she made it through the night, she would be fine??!!! This nurse came to me and reassured me that my daughter would be fine and told me not to say anything to my wife. Yes, I was beside myself but because of her caring and nurturing, I was able to get through the night with less stress. Of course, on our exit, we bought her a gift and she gave us a hug. I would love to take my daughter today to see the woman who helped bring her into the world but I have no clue who she is and where she is but she is forever in my heart for making the most scariest, exhilarating, life-changing, and wondrous event that I have ever experienced that much easier. Dear caring nurse, as I raise my daughter into the young woman she is, I think of you often for being there in that delivery room. Thank you so much for going beyond doing your job but actually caring about your patients!


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