October 5 – that cookie baking, Star Wars loving guy

73/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Coworkers can make you or break you. It’s the truth. You can love your job based on who you work with or you can absolutely hate your job. The fortunate thing about being a teacher is that in your day, you really don’t have to interact with your coworkers as much as in other jobs as your “co-workers” are more or less your students. However, when you do have to meet up with your real adult co-workers, it should be a pleasure and not a chore. I have been very blessed in that I tend to end up with some amazing people to work with. In my present teaching job, I came in like that proverbial wrecking ball when I started four years ago – basically going for broke, my personality at full force. Yes, it rattled some of the “old guard” but I don’t bide my time – either you like me right away or you just don’t get me and I’m okay with it. Dale and I didn’t really have time to connect that first year as we were both new to the school and trying to figure out the ropes and also because of lack of proximity – exact opposite ends of the school. However, over the last couple of years, we have gotten to know each other and he has been a great support system and ally – someone I can just vent with about what is going on in my personal and professional life. He holds no judgment and he makes me feel validated. He will check on me every week at least once or twice to see how I am doing which is incredible – who does that? Dale does!! That’s who! He motivates me in the various challenges I take on for myself! He finds the positives in some of those rare times that the negatives are getting to me! He is always smiling and has a kind word or encouragement for me! He uses self-deprecating humour to make me smile! He has an awesome energy. He takes pleasure in my various accomplishments. Bottom line – he’s an all-around super guy! Thank you Dale for your encouragement and friendship – I dunk a gluten free, vegan, Death Star shaped cookie into a glass of soy milk in your honour!

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