October 4 – i’m 50 and i’m gonna redefine it!

72/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. One of those reverse-gratitude posts.  I’m one of these rare guys who likes to experiment with my look by changing it up constantly from hair to clothing style to even fooling around with guyliner, yup I’ve done it all – I’ve been told that I change my appearance more than most people change their underwear – err, uhm, I don’t know how to take that nor do I want to know more about these “most people” 😉 I have also been told that I need to start looking my age now – this comment really perturbs me. I grew up being ridiculed for my looks as an elementary and high school kid because I did not satisfy the majority appearance-wise as I was geeky, fat and ethnic yet, here I am once again being told that I should fit in by changing my looks to be more “normal”. I take pride in the fact that I don’t have to conform to societal norms for what a 50 year old male should look like – I want to redefine what 50 is and what 55 will be and what 60 can be. I am going to continually re-invent myself to suit myself and no one else. I thank you other late 40/early 50 males and females and society in general for defining what the standard is for my age group as I will continually challenge it – if it makes anyone uncomfortable, then so be it, but I am okay with who I am and that’s all that matters. To conservative society, I twist a man-braid in your honour.


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