October 3 – let’s get physical

71/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. We all have a second place that we call home/family. It could be the place you work at. It could be the coffee shop you hang out at. It could be the Friday night crew you spend your time with. It could be with your golf buddies on the weekend. For me, I have been fortunate enough to discover this type of bond at the place where I work out. I started at the place just over 4 years ago and was a bit intimidated: my first day, we had to pull heavily weighted “I don’t know what you call thems” across a parking lot but while running at the same time. After struggling with it and finally finishing, I went over to the side of the parking lot and threw up. Yes, that was how intense it was. The owner, Maki, several weeks later mentioned that he didn’t think I was going to come back after that first day – either did I!! However, I did and I started loving it. Maki has been an amazing owner, a great trainer but also a supportive friend. He really came through for me last year when I was going through the teacher’s strike and my separation at the same time. I was going to quit the gym and that’s when he told me that this was the time I needed the gym and the family of friends around me. He comped me two months – something he did not have to do but something that I appreciated. It was more than his bottom line that he was concerned with – he gave me my sanity during the roughest time of my life. Thank you Maki for creating a great place to work out at, for being a supportive person, and just an all-around nice guy. I lift a kettlebell, albeit a lighter one, in your honour!


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