October 1 – the dog days of every season

69/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Okay, this one is really taking liberties with the “people” aspect but some say dogs are just like people. Some say they are even better! I have missed my dog Shadow for a year now. Shadow is one of those designer dogs – a schnoodle and he absolutely loves people. He is irrepressibly friendly. He is even more hyper than when we first got him as a puppy and continues to be a bundle of energy. Hmmm, kinda reminds me of somebody – wait is that a mirror? 😉 Yes, it took time getting used to him and I can admit that I was not a dog person and probably am not a dog person but with Shadow, there is an exception. The moment he sees anyone come in the door, he is all up on them like he has never encountered a human being in his life. At times I am embarrassed as people must think we keep him locked away in a kennel but that’s just his “dog-onality” – loving human contact. When he does that to me, I completely forget about whatever was troubling me for the time being. It is true that dogs give you unconditional love and that’s the hardest thing to get in this crazy world – no wonder it’s been said that a dog is man’s best friend – I wholeheartedly concur. Thank you, you crazy, wild, loving dog for being in my life and giving me some sanity and peace. I toss a doggy treat at you in your honour!

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