September 30 – as I move out

68/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. So here I am on my last night on my own. It’s been 13 months since I have been figuring out my shit. Yeah, I said it, shit – we all have it but we don’t necessarily deal with it but I have attempted to. I was that guy who went straight from being a son to being a husband to being a father – I never got to figure out me. I blame no one. That was the time. That was also my ethnicity. This last year has been a time for growth, reflection and enlightenment. I have learned a great deal about me. I have learned a great deal about my strengths. I have also learned more about my weaknesses and where I am lacking in life. A little over a year ago, due to life circumstances, I needed to find a place away from the comfort of the family home of Steveston. I ended up, through that crazy dynamic of “what a small world”, meeting a person who was a former student of mine (I, still to this day, do not remember teaching him. 😦 ) James recognized me immediately and told me about the courses I taught him. I feigned recognition. James told me about how interesting the courses were. I nodded still trying to place him. The conversation went on and it became clear that James wanted to rent out his condo and to make a long story short, it worked out where I rented his place. I have to thank you James for walking in to my life when I needed you and meeting my needs. Your place, although not my home, was my pad and allowed me to work on my self and also to reacquaint with old friends and develop new friendships.  Thank you for renting out your place (dare I say at an amazing bargain) and  I sign this lease in your honour!!


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