September 29 – former model, current friend

67/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Sometimes you just need a person who does your ego good. Four years ago, I started a new job at a new high school after working at UBC for three years. It was a tough move as I had to start all over. I didn’t really make an effort to meet new people and yes, I created a great self-fulfilling prophecy that I am not going to enjoy it at the school and that is exactly what ended up happening my first year. However, there were actually some great people there and Char was one of them but I didn’t know it at the time. Char is the counsellor at the school and I met her in passing a few times in that first year. We started to chat because of our affiliation with various committees and of course, having students in common. We got to know each other much more over more committee work and dare I say teacher wine nights. I do have to say that Char is a beautiful person inside and out – and let me comment, former model and still damn hot – yes, I’ve tried to Google her pics to no avail!! 😉 But seriously, she has been so very supportive of me, gives my ego a boost all the time – she has a knack in that she knows when I need that pick me up. We work well together and get things accomplished and she is just a wonderful woman who is working with teenagers for all the right reasons. Char has a great heart and is there for you when you need it the most. I am so very glad that we have gotten to know each other over the last few years and I look forward to our friendship and working relationship developing that much more so. Thank you for being my McNair buddy Char – I write a report card in your honour!


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