September 27 – just when you needed a friend

65/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Just over a year ago, I made a monumental life decision that changed every detail of what had defined me for the previous couple of decades. My wife and I decided to take a mutual break from each other and as the father, I knew that it was much more important for my children to have their mother in the same home. I went on my hunt for a place – never telling anyone what I was going through by keeping up my happy facade. During birthday week last year – yes, I celebrate for an entire week – one of my friends Pam invited me over to her place for birthday martinis. Pam and I had worked together years ago when she was a beginning teacher at my school but then she moved to teach in Surrey. We lost touch but met again at a pool party (just a year prior to last year’s events) and we made a concerted effort to hang out more often. During that birthday martini celebration, she also had a friend over who, in conversation, mentioned that he and his girlfriend were moving in together and he was probably going to rent out his furnished, new place. I took this as a sign and opened up to Pam on a train ride downtown. She set the wheels in motion and well, I had my place. Pam was the first person over to my place and was a great support system in those early months when my life was in disarray. She has been an amazing friend over the last year – from long walks talking about what life throws you to hitting up as many happy hours on a Friday night in Gastown to chilled out drives around the city to sipping drinks in funky venues in Vancity to introducing me to some new friends. Thank you Pam for re-entering my life just when I needed it and bringing all the good things with you that made my transition so much less stressful. I look forward to keeping our friendship going and continuing our socializing adventures! I raise a funky rhubarb infused bourbon sour amid the trendy people to salute you my friend!


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