September 26 – boys will be boys

64/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. As I take this weekend to pack and move on from the place that I have called not my home but just a place I land in at after work or going out, I take time to reflect on the people who also were in the building for the past year. None of my neighbours talked to me – yes, I stayed in central Richmond in a brand new building and can chalk it up to ethnic differences – but it’s kind of sad when eye contact is avoided and nary a hello is offered in the elevator but I got through it. This was the case for most of my 13 month stay until about 4 months ago. I pulled into the underground parking garage and as is the norm with my driving, you can hear my music before you can see my car. As I finished pulling into the parking stall, the guy with the vehicle behind me and to the right who had been washing it commented “Where’s the party?” I was surprised to first be talked to and second to see a different ethnicity in the building from the majority. Kevin struck up a conversation and invited me over to meet his wife and friends. I also met Matt that night and the three of us became instant beer drinking pals which is kind of surprising as I am almost two decades their senior!! Yes, I get called Uncle Sangha by one and Sangha by the other but I guess it’s true that age ain’t nothing but a number or beer unites all 😉 The three of us have gotten together at least thrice a month or more for beers and have gone out a few times – I can say that getting kicked out of a venue has been a highlight for me as that has never, ever been something I have been involved in. 🙂 Both Kevin and Matt have made my last few months at Mayfair more than bearable and I thank you both for that as I have enjoyed the good times we have had and they have all been good! I also appreciate the advice from both of you in regards to my son, his sports and just general teenage years. I’m looking forward to the continuation of our friendships even though we won’t be linked by proximity, we will always have beer 😉 Once again, thanks Kevin & Matt – you guys are awesome! I pop the top off of a craft beer (or three) in your honour.


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