September 23 – brother from another mother

61/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. You know how people say ‘brother from another mother’ or ‘sister from another mister’ – I didn’t really get it but I would just go with it and say yeah, they have a connection with someone of the same sex, they are good friends. Being the only male sibling of three and having more female cousins growing up, I really longed to have a brother (older or younger) that I could have bonded with over common interests but alas, it was never to be. However, I have actually felt that brotherly bond with a guy I only ended up meeting about six months ago although our connection and friendship seems like it has been developed over years and years. I met Martin at the gym I go to. On first glance, I was intimidated by hipster dude – rocking beard that I have envied from day one, amazing hair and those tattoos!!! Totally thought this guy was the coolest guy in the gym. We worked out a couple of times in various classes not saying much to each other – frog jumps before friends I guess. Then a few weeks later, during casual conversation before class start-up, Martin mentions that he too is a teacher and there it was – instant camaraderie and the beginning of a friendship. Unsurprisingly, what has since cemented our bro-fest – love of craft beer! Fast forward about six months and here we are the best of Richmond beer drinking buddies trying brew after brew and enjoying our newly founded friendship. We may not have the same taste in all our musical choices – that has become obvious – but we engage in intellectual conversation (okay, also non-intellectual conversations), have several commonalities and well, damn, we love craft beer. I think of Martin as my cool, younger brother (skin colour be damned) and I’m so happy that he is becoming a first-time parent early next year and joining the club. Who would have thought a great friendship could develop over such a little time span. To my little brother, I raise a pint to you buddy – you are awesome and I am so glad I met you!!


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