September 22 – you did my son a solid

60/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. As a parent, you want to give your kids sound advice, every advantage, options that fit them and the opportunities to discover their own talents. Both my kids have great qualities such as humour, compassion and intelligence. My daughter, 7 years my son’s senior, is slowly figuring out her career path but knew definitely that academia would be her pursuit getting there. My son, still in the middle of high school, has been trying to figure this out for himself. I mentioned it in passing, amongst other things, to a few friends over drinks one evening and my friend Trevor, who I had only recently met, said that he was willing to take my son for a day on the set of a locally filmed television show and give him an insight as to what it was like to work for film and television as production crew. I told my son and he was very excited for the experience. On the day of the filming, I had to drop him off for 7am. I was told by Trevor that the days could be long. I thought I was a cool, laid back dad but I could not help myself from texting my son constantly asking him if he was okay, did he need anything, should I come by – after all, it was my son’s first “working” day ever. My son, as a typical teenager, gave me lackadaisical responses of “it’s okay”, “I’m bored”, “it’s alright”, “I got food”!! I tried not to pester Trevor but the dad in me couldn’t stop. I was reassured that he was fine. After picking him up a full 12 and half hours later, my son told me that he liked this working with his hands kind of stuff and that he wanted to do something like this for a career. Since that day this past summer, he has decided that BCIT (technical school) is his area and he will be pursuing that. I really thank you Trevor for giving my son a guiding light in relation to a career path. You did not have to do that as you had only met me but I am so glad that you did do that as it has given my son a goal for his education. I raise a Kokanee in your honour!!


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