September 18 – flowing with energy

56/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Just over 6 years ago, I had no clue what a downward dog was nor did my body. I found a special in the paper for a new yoga studio opening up in Richmond with an amazing price for the first month and given that I’m all about challenging myself not to mention getting a deal on something, this was basically meant for me. I signed up and nervously went to my first few classes at Yyoga. Good thing that the studio had many options for classes as hot yoga was definitely not for me – I want to sweat by doing something, not standing in a hot room while listening to the soothing sounds of other people’s sweat droplets hitting the floor – uhm, no. I soon found myself in yin and hatha classes (with the occasional power yoga class thrown in for good measure). My body and soul fell in love with the classes due in no small part to two amazing instructors. Heather taught Hatha in the mornings and I was lucky that I was able to make her classes as my UBC teaching schedule allowed that flexibility. Heather’s calmness and her down to earth vibe made for a serene start for my day. I learned not only yoga poses from Heather but also about the merits of the Netipot which I continue to use to this day. Mike was just a great presence. Very calm, very tranquil, very laid back – the polar opposite to my personality and his vibe and class was exactly what I needed for the end of the day. His Yin class was ideal for my mind and body coupled with his soothing voice and corrective techniques but the best thing was – and it didn’t happen all the time but oh when it did!!– was his use of the Tibetan singing bowls. I lived for those moments as I was truly able to meditate and fully relax my mind – which is the most difficult thing for someone like me. I know that my soul is longing for those experiences again as I have been remiss in attending yoga over the past few years but I will make a commitment to start up again and will look for these two instructors’ classes as they were the reason why I enjoyed the journey in the first place. Thank you Mike and Heather for instilling the love of yoga in me – Sun Salutations to you both!


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