September 17 – the guy who gave me a chance

55/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Do you remember your first time? I do and it was horrible – lasted for so little time! I was so happy to get a second chance and that one was even worse – getting bossed around and told what to do that I just gave up in the middle of it! But the third time was the charm – involved so many people with different roles in the entire experience. Yes, I’m talking about first jobs – what were you thinking about? 😉 I worked at Mr Mikes (a steak joint) for one day and got fired but didn’t realize that I did – was just told that it was okay that I didn’t have to come in anymore. The next job the in the following weeks was an upscale restaurant (Jim’s on Three I believe) and I lasted a few days as the busser but didn’t like being someone’s bitc—err, I mean being bossed around every single moment although the meals we got for our breaks – heaven!! Considering my first two experiences, you would think that I would have given up on server jobs but perseverance is in my nature I guess and I went and applied at McDonald’s on #3 Road in Richmond (trivia fact: first McD’s in Canada!!). I remember vividly being at the front counter and asking to see the manager as I was taught not to give my resume to anyone but the person in charge. Nazir, the manager on duty, came up to me and I handed him my resume. He was very impressed that I asked to see him first. He did an on the spot interview that lasted perhaps five minutes and then asked me to fill out their application and hand it in. I was dejected. I thought I would have had an instant job but I went and sat in the restaurant and filled out the application immediately and went back to the counter asked for Nazir personally and he came back out surprised to see me but took my application as well. I went home and waited. No phone call that night. I waited the next day. No phone call that day. I waited another day. No phone call. So I just up and phoned him on the fourth day and asked him if he had reviewed my application and I’m guessing based on my impertinence, he told me that I was hired!! That moment changed the rest of my life as that job at McDonald’s opened so many doors – my job at A&A Records, my job at Bootlegger, my job at Expo 86 – the list goes on. That job boosted my confidence. That job taught me how to interact with people. That job taught me how to deal with stress. That job taught me time management skills. That job allowed me to start opening up to people. That job was the one that instilled in me the work ethic that still persists to this very day. Thank you Nazir for taking a chance on a guy who didn’t really have the social skills when you first met him but had the motivation to get a job and you gave it to him and set him on his path. I dip a fry for you!


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