September 14 – it’s good to be naive

52/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I’ll admit it, I was a very naïve person in my 20s. A good type of naïve that would believe anything he was told. A type of naïve that made people laugh as they could have some fun with me not at me. However, I wasn’t the only one like this. My co-worker Anna was my female equivalent. I started teaching at the same school as she was at and became friends with her immediately over our common bond of falling for things easily. She would probably say I was more naïve than her in those days but I would beg to differ 😉 Besides our bonding over our gullibility, Anna has taught me a lot about life. From parenting teenage sons to learning the ins and outs of property investment, from discovering Vancouver’s best eateries to learning about vegetarianism, from co-teaching Planning 10 together to fighting for elective recognition in our high school, from doing the ‘Rice Paddy’ to enjoying various ‘beverages’. Anna has always been a great supporter of me. Anna always has a kind word and great advice. Anna is a good shoulder to lean on for life’s celebratory and trying moments. Although I miss our coworker camaraderie, I’m very glad that we have still maintained our friendship over the years and make an effort to get together to keep the bonds intact! I raise a fork to you Anna 😉


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