September 10 – Sam I am!

48/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. If you don’t know me as well as some of the others, you have probably gleaned from the earlier gratitude posts that I am absolutely the luckiest guy in the world who gets to wake up and go to a job, no scratch that – career, that I am very blessed to have. I feel like I have won the lottery in life when it comes to my teaching life – I don’t live for the weekend, I also live for the work week! I also love the district that I teach in – I’m a 7 minute drive at most from where I live to the schools I have taught at. When my kids were younger, I was easily at my children’s after school activities, able to make any night activities at my own school, and avoided all the stress of the work commute. Although some teachers may complain that they live in the same community that they work in and see the students in an outside element, I have no problem with that – I feel I am humanizing us as a profession: we have lives. I have Sam (and I feel very bad that I don’t remember her last name) to thank for getting me in the Richmond school district. She was in my Education program and ended up with the job that would become mine. I was teaching long term temporary full year contracts in East Vancouver but not a full time teaching job. Sam had secured the Keyboarding teacher job at Burnett in Richmond. She decided towards the end of the summer that the job itself and the commute from her residence wasn’t worth it and also was fortunate to get a better job offer. If not for her phoning me up directly and telling me of the job, I would have never known about it nor applied. She gave me contact names and I quickly got my documents together and directly approached the superintendent at the time – yes, I know I bypassed a few channels but I think I ended up proving myself as the rest is history. I don’t know where you ended up teaching Sam and I would love to have thanked you in person because if not for you, who knows what my parallel self would be teaching/doing and where in this world. Thank you Sam from the bottom to the top of my heart!


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