September 8 – the student i didn’t think i had an impact on

46/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. So here we are at the beginning of another new school year of teaching. Why do I do this? Not for the money (I’m not complaining, I get by) and not for the friendships (that is a bonus of the job). It’s all about the connections I have made and continue to make with students – knowingly and more important, unknowingly! Jordan was in my Psychology 12 class last year and to say he was a character – well, yes, that he was 😉 Jordan, like myself, liked to question things and had a natural ability to understand the subject matter. Yes, at times, Jordan and I would butt heads but always in a respectful way. I had several conversations with Jordan on his own on various subjects and found that during those one-on-ones, I got to see the real side of him – not the tough façade that he used to protect the true Jordan. Although I finished teaching him in January, I was very surprised to get a lengthy instant message from him at the end of June. I was sitting in a pub with a few friends and as I finished reading it, I got emotional (okay, a bit teary eyed) because the words in that text moved me as I had not thought that I, as teacher, had resonated with Jordan. He told me that his overall percentage was not indicative of what he learned from me. He told me that he had a hard time to say two words and mean them but he did with me – “thank you”. He told me how he learned not only academic knowledge but more importantly practical knowledge in relation to life. He told me how he changed for the better after taking my class. He told me that he could and would rub teachers the wrong way. He told me that I could see beyond the tough persona and into who he really was. After reading that text, I knew that the school that I am at presently is exactly where I am supposed to be because of the students. I thank you Jordan for your gratitude text but for more importantly giving me my passion back for not only teaching but for McNair and also for letting me realize that I, as a teacher, do connect with many students but with many more that I don’t even realize. Cheers to you!

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