September 2 – friends for life

40/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I am amazed by people who are very even-keeled in their emotions. I, on the other hand, can get excited in an instant. I can get caught up in an instant too. I can get emotional just as easily. My friend Lisa has to be the most emotionally stable person of all my friends. I envy her smooth sailing attitude in the face of anything that comes her way. She has been my friend for over two decades – from being the fitness instructor at the gym I went to and then to teacher co-worker at my first school in Richmond. Every interaction that I have had with Lisa has been so very positive – she is a light in the fog of life. She has never ever uttered a disparaging remark about a person. She is caring and gentle in her manner with people. She makes one feel that they are the center of attention and that they really matter. She listens to and remembers details – in fact, I went through a phase wanting to have a more solid sounding first name and dropped the “Y” for a few months and Lisa has been the only one since that day that still calls me Rand!  Lisa, I appreciate your compassionate nature, your happy-go-lucky vibe and just your general positivity and tranquility that you bring to my life! Thank you for being my friend!


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