July 28 – dave’s your uncle

4/365 – people to thank who’ve had an impact on me. today it’s about my muma (mom’s brother – actually her cousin) Dave. if you read 1/365, you will know that my dad wasn’t really there emotionally nor physically for me (through no fault of his own). thus, not really having father figures, i ate up any attention i got from males. Muma Dave would be around sporadically (as he had his own family) but every time I would see him, he would always let me know that i was a good boy and that i was making my mom proud and that he was proud of my accomplishments. He always encouraged me to do well in school and pursue schooling after high school. He bought me books – classics and law books (although I did not go down that path). I found Muma Dave to be amazing – and still do to this day as even now, he always has a hug for me and tells me now how well my own kids have grown up and how I’ve done great things in life. He has an awesome British accent that I was mesmerized with back when I was growing up and – will admit that half the time, I did not know what he was saying but I knew it was good things smile emoticon I honour you Muma Dave for being that male role model that I needed growing up.


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