August 9 – and that’s how we became friends

16/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. After yesterday’s deeply revealing post, I want to lighten the mood with someone who brings me fun times yet balances me at the same time. I got to know Sue-Ann at a Student Leadership Conference about well over a decade ago. We were the teacher delegates taking about 3 students each to some city in BC. She tells me that I have been good for her in that I get her out of her comfort zone but she has been amazing to me as a genuine friend who has also affected me to reflect on things that I cannot change and ponder deeper reasons for what life throws me. At the beginning of our friendship, we were two extremes – me the loud, boisterous, unplanned and unfazed one and Sue-Ann the organizer, listener, the contemplative one. On that first meeting, I cracked jokes during a conference speech and had her in “controlled” hysterics, I got her to skip a session and we ended up (with a 3rd teacher) enjoying our new friendship. Then on a subsequent trip, I ended up in Victoria during her Masters and to her surprise, crashed in her student housing suite with another friend and took her away from her studying and had a fun night out – yes, outside comfort zones for sure. We became fast friends and even started working at UBC together – this is where the Sue-Ann that makes me laugh developed. We carpooled daily and had so many adventures…driving out of a gas station while the gas pump was still in the tank, arriving to pick me up without make-up and was shocked to realize only when she looked in the rear view mirror and stopping at a store to purchase a whole new set, not really knowing what we were teaching and then winging together an amazing lesson at the last moment. Sue-Ann always encourages me and always has the right things to make me feel better about myself plus well, we do share wine when we get together. Thank you Sue-Ann for bringing light, levity, seriousness, sanity, and humour to my world. Here’s to you friend!


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