August 5 – exercise does a body good

12/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. I was never the fittest person growing up. Although my cheeks were constantly being squeezed, it was because I was fat, not healthy. I was just about 250 pounds in high school. I never liked PE (earlier gratitude post explains why) and thus never developed any liking for sports or physical activity. I have the worst form when it comes to any type of “exercise” routine and always avoided the gym as I just didn’t want to be critiqued/criticized. About 3 years ago, I happened upon a Facebook post and ended up giving a gym in Southeast Richmond a try. This was not your traditional types of workouts and the trainers are not your typical types of trainers. I have been going to the 4pm class twice a week and must say that Anton is the best trainer by far that fits my style. Anton’s pleasant nature is ideal for a casual fitness goer such as myself – he just comes up and gives me a subtle correction to my form or more often than not, positive encouragement during an exercise. He takes pride in my accomplishments when I reach some sort of physical milestone. He always has a smile on his face and his execution of demonstrative fitness moves is flawless – I wish I could emulate his form and technique. His workout routines are amazing. I’m in awe of what he comes up with as a workout using equipment in ways one would not imagine – yet it’s safe and targets the muscles he is aiming for. He also has created a workout environment where I have developed a core group of friends (called the 4pm crew) and I chat and laugh and yet inexplicably a workout has taken place where I am sweating by the end of the class and my muscles are aching yet I had so much fun. Countless times I have looked at the clock and thought – we’re done? Oh, and Anton has the best music to get your workout on to wink emoticon I thank you Anton for making me comfortable coming to a gym and to actually want to improve my physical fitness over the last few years – not sure what I’m going to do once you leave in October though


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