August 4 – motivation in motion

11/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. In teacher world, having your Masters is par for the course – other teachers look at you as if you have some growth on your face as they are confused as to why you don’t have one. In regular world, it’s an accomplishment. So back when I didn’t have my masters and was nearing 40, I would always be asked why don’t you have it and I knew I was just lazy and really didn’t know what I wanted to do. Along came my teacher friend Shaheen who encouraged me to do the Masters program as she and another friend were also getting their paperwork filed. I procrastinated and only got my documents together, a day before the deadline and sent them in because of Shaheen’s encouragement and the possibility of doing some group work if we all were in similar areas. Because of Shaheen, I was able to embark on my Masters journey (albeit a quick one – completed it in 1 year full time as I worked full time). Shaheen was also a great fellow basketball coach to work with. I knew absolutely nothing about basketball but we got the glamour sport to coach along with a 3rd person and although we knew very little, together we had fun and learned the difference between a lay-up and a push-up (don’t ask!! LOL). I also must say that Shaheen helped me at the right times to get a great rate on a mortgage and then even a better rate upon renewal time. Finally, Shaheen has been a very supportive friend when needed and although we are in different schools and at different stages of our lives, I still count Shaheen as a great positive friend!


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