August 30 – sister from another mister

37/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. There are those instant friends that you immediately connect with and then there are those friendships that develop over the years. Well, Neesha is neither but hear me out. I met Neesha teaching at Burnett while we were in our 20s. We didn’t initially connect – we actually butted heads and didn’t socialize as we had nothing in common. We were like siblings but siblings who pushed each other’s buttons!  She is the type of friend that the cocky me in the 20s needed to bring me down a rung or two but I didn’t realize it then. I was the type of friend that brought levity and vivacity to tense situations as I wanted harmony (and there are many tense situations in the teaching world) which wasn’t necessarily appreciated by all in the moment. The funny thing about our “friendship” was that there were several people who circled both our worlds as independent friends and perhaps through some greater force, we were destined to spend time with each other despite our differences and really get to know each other. As the years progressed and Neesha moved on to other pursuits, continents, motherhood, we kept in touch through social media but really reconnected upon her return to Vancouver because of friends yet again; however, this time it was different – we actually started to enjoy each other’s friendship genuinely – we didn’t need others to bring us together. We get together with a small crew around 4 times a year and have so many laughs and even more drinks 😉 I have said it to Neesha many times but she is like an older sister to me even though I am older – a sister who gives me a reality check when I need it and listens to me when I need to be heard. So glad that our friendship blossomed to where it is today as it could have been nipped in the bud several times over the years because of “sibling rivalry” 😉 Martini glass clink to you my sister!!


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