August 27 – two ethnic guys

34/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. As many of you have gleaned from past posts, my post-secondary years during my first degree at UBC was the time that I started to come into my own – both personality and looks wise. I longed to have friends but didn’t really know how to make friends and wasn’t even sure how to respond back to any sort of move made on others’ parts to befriend me. Based on my high school experiences, I was wary and skeptical of people and basically kept to my own for the first year. Once I entered the Faculty of Commerce, there was no option but to work with others and go out for lunch or coffee between classes. This was beyond what I dreamt of – people asking me to join them and one of those people was Harry. Harry was also in Commerce and in the same Marketing option. We didn’t have many classes together but I got to know him through some of my other project partners. Harry became one of my first friends at university. I recall him inviting me to the Aloha Deck – this is where people went to “study” at the old underground Sedgewick Library but all anyone did was socialize and I became a regular there. I remember rushing fraternities with him. If not for Harry, I would have never gone to the summer employment center, applied for a job and ended up becoming a host for BC during Expo 86 – I have him to thank for that! I also learned a thing or two about style from Harry- always immaculately dressed, hair gelled and styled and with the grand air of confidence. I emulated his look until I developed my own sense of style over those years – I recall others telling us that we were the two stylish ethnic guys in Marketing and I was secretly proud of finally fitting in someplace! I tried finding Harry to reconnect and for about 20 years was unsuccessful until about two years ago when I ran into him at a wedding – I was so very happy to see the guy who had such an influence on my sense of “me”. No, I never told him that day about what he had unknowingly done for me but here in this gratitude post, I honour him publicly. Thank you Harry for befriending me and making me feel I finally belonged.


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