August 22 – blonde ambition

29/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. For about two decades of my life and just up until last year, I have been blonde. As I look back on some of the pics, I think “Damn, you suited it” and at others it’s more like “What were you thinking?” I didn’t think I’d have the courage to change my hair colour to blonde – especially being a guy, no wait, more importantly being a darker skinned guy but surprisingly it seemed to work on me and I got compliments on it and it gave me confidence plus I like being different. I have you, Steve, to thank for that for really getting me out of my shell when it came to the defining limits of looks. Steve was a student in my high school classes and I remember the amazing projects he would do in Marketing class. He also had a sense of style and would be rocking the frosted blonde, then all blonde, then sunkissed blonde and I would comment and compliment him on that. He suggested that I should go blonde and he would take me to his hairdresser and well, the rest is history! Although this gratitude post may not seem to be the most life altering post but it is for someone like me. As mentioned in previous posts, I was always judged on my outward appearance negatively and as I write this post, I realized by changing something as simple as the colour of my hair, I took control of how I was judged. I compliment you once again Steve in that you helped me on my journey to be more accepting of who I was on the outside which may seem superficial but is very important to a person like me who was always made to feel inferior about his looks growing up. Thank you Steve!


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