August 21 – Jamaica me happy

28/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Some people are born with confidence, others develop it over time and then there are some who fake it. I fall into the middle category (although I sometimes slip into the last one in some situations). Exactly 8 years ago today, I summoned up my confidence, while in Jamaica, and walked out of the comfort of our all-inclusive resort and ventured over to the small place next door where there were a few people. I took a little walk along the stretch of the beach and then up to the place and ended up chatting with Morgan and her partner. I rarely ever talk to people who I don’t know of my own accord without some type of commonality that we are already sharing but here I was outside of my element and did just that. Morgan and I instantly hit it off. I sat with the two of them, had a few drinks, brought some food from our resort to share and took a couple of pics and then went back. We promised to keep in touch via Facebook (everyone says that) and upon my return home, I found her and sent her a picture from the trip. Well, here we are years later and I still keep in touch with Morgan. She is one of the coolest ladies I know, lives an amazing life in New York and is an entrepreneur – oh how I envy her at times  I keep up with what’s going on in her life as she does with mine and we chat here and there on Facebook all the time. What I have learned from our friendship is that you don’t have to have a physical presence to keep a friendship going. You don’t have to have had an amazing bonding moment to develop a friendship. You don’t have to have any commonalities or force a friendship – you just have to have a liking and respect for a person and the friendship can develop and blossom. Our bond redefines the traditional definition of a friendship. I am glad that day that I ventured out of my comfort zone (both figuratively and literally) and struck up a conversation with a stranger and ended up with a friend. Here’s to real cyber-friends – I look forward to her coming out to Vancouver one day so I can show her this amazing city and catch up in person. Cheers to you Morgan!


One thought on “August 21 – Jamaica me happy

  1. mytempo

    So glad we met! (I had some trouble leaving a comment so disregard in case this appears twice)
    Your gratitude posts are touching everyone. I just re-read this post about us for the 3rd time and it takes me back to a really beautiful moment in a magical place. As absolutely Organic as you described. Our meeting was a simple as:
    -I like your energy. Are you thirsty?
    -Yeah! I like your energy too! Are you hungry!
    – Yeah let’s eat!
    With laughs in between.

    We made a connection in 40 minutes that lasted “virtually” for 8 years.

    I love reading your stories and find the honesty to be so refreshing and relatable. I am grateful to have met you. My best friend just moved to Vancouver and said it has been the best year of her life. I hope to get out there and see you too!
    Danilo and I send our love!


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