August 2 – rescue me

9/365 – people to thank who’ve had on impact on me. This person saved my life – literally – and for that, I must acknowledge her. I must also say that this memory was repressed for years and did not come to the surface until I found myself in a similar situation as an adult. I was in Grade 5 in Mr Smith’s class and there was a year end pool party. I, of course, did not know how to swim but got into the water with everyone else. The pool had a deep end that I was not aware of but soon enough, ended in that area and went under. I could see myself coming to the surface one time trying to get the attention of anyone (oh man, I’m shuddering as I am writing this) and then I went down. Next thing I remember was being dragged out of the water by a waif-like girl. I started spitting up water and throwing up – not sure if other adults came by but my life was saved by that girl/my classmate. Her name was Mei-Fah (i’m pretty sure) and although I haven’t ever found her on FB (did find her sister Thien-Fah), I wanted to use this day of Gratitude to honouring her for seeing me and saving me that day. Yes, I have not conquered my fear of water because of that one day but I hope to and I would love to find Mei-Fah and thank her in person or have this message somehow reach her.


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