August 19 – ivan the conquerer

26/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Have you seen the movie “The Mighty” where an endearing friendship develops between a tall, bigger boy and a smaller, not so able boy – you could say that we are those characters all grown up (but in a gym) – me and my workout partner Ivan. No one at the gym could ever have predicted that the two most dissimilar guys would become good friends and workout buddies and even occasionally go for a beer outside the place – although I have yet to convince him of the merits of craft beer!! I saw Ivan, former WHL player, at the gym in private lessons and thought, wow, what a beast as he could lift like no other but little did I know that in a few months, we would be paired up as partners for various workouts when he joined the regular classes. Initially, I was more than intimidated as I thought former athlete going to judge former mathlete but that never happened – an instant camaraderie developed over the intensity and power of the workouts and we became the founding members of the 4 oclock crew!! I am still nervous when I am paired as his partner with the bands as I literally get pulled along the pavement for a workout (which is supposed to be my rest period LOL) but every other workout without bands, I enjoy his sense of humour, sense of frustration (it’s not just me!!) but then his motivation – even though I’m way older than him, I get the brotherly vibe from him always giving me that extra push that I need to get it done and I love the fact that he feels the same intensity during the workout but the most amazing exhilaration once we are done! I actually miss when he’s not in class and that’s a sign of a good workout partner. I hope you will always be a part of the 4pm crew as I don’t know how I would get through it without my brother in arms who is always there for the mental support and the laughs! Cheers to you Ivan – you rock (now only if I could get you into craft brew!!).

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