August 18 – my birthday buddy

25/365 – people to thank who have had an impact on me. Sometimes you just become instant friends with someone no matter your gender or age. I actually remember one of the very first conversations that started this friendship – I was sitting in the staff room at Burnett and the substitute drama teacher joined our table. We were looking at horoscopes and she mentions that she is born in the year of the snake and I’m like – “me too”. She says she’s a Leo, and I’m like – “me too”. She clarifies that she is a July Leo – well, I’m like “me too”. She then says her birthday is July 25th – and I’m hesitating thinking this is some colossal joke being played on me because I’m a “me too” for that too. Well, what a crazy coincidence as yes, both of us had the same birthday – although her year of the snake was 12 years after mine! Megan and I became fast friends because of our happy go lucky vibe, easy attitude towards life and well of course our love of beer, wine and Tyra Banks!! We have celebrated most of our birthdays by doing something on each July 25th, we continue to have the occasional Top Model parties to enjoy Tyra-isms and watch train wrecks happen while we predict who is going home although of late it’s just been me and her and her husband (the numbers they have dwindled), and we continue to enjoy wine or beer anytime we can ever get together. Even though we are in different stages of our lives (I’ve been re-introduced to toddlers because of her), we still find it easy to connect and maintain our friendship and that’s an awesome type of friend who is all about positivity and support. Here’s to you birthday buddy Megan – thanks for being a great friend to me over the years!!

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