August 1 – my grandfather

8/365 – people to thank who’ve had an impact on me. This person passed away when I was 10 years old due to complications as a result of pneumonia but in only two years, he left a very strong impression on me. My Nana (mom’s dad – grandfather) was introduced to me when I was about 8 years old. He had just emigrated from England to Canada and he would spend his days in the homes of his 3 children (my mom and her siblings) to reconnect with his children and his grandkids. My Nana epitomized style. I would watch him getting ready in the mornings and be mesmerized – he was meticulous in his appearance and I was fascinated with his routine (in fact, I know that my devotion to my appearance and my obsession with the Original Avengers – John Steed and Emma Peel – is all to do with my British Nana). He would dress fully for the morning – iron his own shirt, pair it with a stylish tie and then put on the best, finely tailored suit. Then he would Brylcreem his hair, followed by a twisting of his mustache into chiseled curly cues courtesy of mustache wax and then apply a liberal amount of kohl to his eyes. He would then end his routine with a dousing of cologne and then come out and start his morning. I can’t remember how many times I watched him go through his morning ritual while I both consciously and unconsciously internalized the importance of appearance as he told me that it was vital to take pride in how one presents themselves. Yes, I will say that there is no way I can match his grandeur but I try, oh how I try. Every time someone says I am obsessed with my appearance, I don’t take it as criticism – I take it as honouring my grandfather. For this I thank you Nana and I wish I had had more time with you and seen how you would’ve evolved your style and received further classiness lessons from you!!


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